We’re a team of expert teachers and instructors aiming at helping our students to understand Qur’an & Sunnah. We’re also teaching Arabic language and sciences for non-Arabic speakers. Our staff has a long combined experience in the field of teaching Arabic language and sciences.

We deal seriously with the learning problems. we make sure to provide the best solutions ever. The student with us rises in various language skills, listening comprehension, speaking, and writing Arabic. 

With the help of a marvellous team, devoted teachers, and a generous few, through this Qur’an Program we have strived to have impacted the hearts of Muslims worldwide, seep into their daily lives, nurture their love of Qur’an, and strengthen their connection with Allah.

All our teachers and our instructors have certificates of specialization. They also have strong experience in their field of expertise. Whether a child or an adult student, our teachers are assigned according to their specialties.