We teach beginners how to read and write Arabic scripts. This course has been designed for newbies and requires no prior knowledge. Our team comprises of individuals who are Arabic language experts with decades of experience in teaching  Arabic and it’s sciences.

Our goal is to help both Muslims to learn the Arabic language. We recognize that the objectives and we have specifically catered for the language requirements with Islamic aspects integrated into the lessons to facilitate learning Arabic for our students.

We teach the following books and curriculums:

Al-Kitab Al-Asasi:

al-kitab-al-asasiThis three-part course in Modern Standard Arabic for non-native speakers approaches the language through a series of themed topics — daily life in the Arab world, politics, and governance, literature and the arts, science and medicine, astronomy.

It concentrates principally on listening and speaking skills. In each section, vocabulary is built up as various linguistic structures and strategies are introduced and practiced in a clear introduction to Arabic grammar.

It’s comprehensive and easily digestible, varied and informative, these books make an ideal basis for a classroom-based course in Arabic anywhere in the world.

 Al-Arabiyyatu Bayna Yaadayk:

arabiya-bayna-yadaikThis series is designed for the non-Arab speaking, senior level student. Iit helps the student learn Arabic through conversation along with reading and writing. The series stresses communication and also offers glimpses into the Arabic culture, both Islamic and national.

It’s Divided into 3 grades, it contains textbooks and workbooks combined in one book. The entire series can be taught intensively in 300 classes (averaging 45 minutes one class,) 100 classes for each grade. If the program is not intensive, it can be taught within a three-year period.

The great thing about these books is it covers a lot of vocabulary through pictures, Images and using Arabic Only, introduces the students to grammar later and gradually rather than pushing them at the deep end before they can swim.

We’re also teaching:

– Books like ajārūmīya and Qatar and Alfiyat Ibn Malek.
– The Islamic University curriculum for non-Arabic speakers.
– The Imam Muhammad bin Saud University’s curriculum for non-Arabic speakers.
– The Umm Al Qura University’s curriculum for non-Arabic speakers.