female-profile-picQualification: Bachelor of Arts Arabic and Islamic Studies Department. Graduation Year: 1997. She learns the Arabic Language since years ago and has many past experiences.

She helped in preparing the innovative approach (Facilitating Arabic Conversation).

Omima also has a strong experience in their field of expertise. She is also assimilating the Arabic curriculums into classroom activities and in homework exercises via his Arabic courses at Tibyan Center.


– She studied books like ajārūmīya and Qatar and Alfiyat Ibn Malek.
– Co-authored (Facilitating Arabic) for Non-Arabic speakers.
– Preparing an innovative approach (Facilitating Arabic Conversation).
– She studied the Arab University’s curriculum for non-Arabic speakers.
– She studied group of lessons in ‘Arabic Conversation’.


She taught Arabic to many students mainly from the following countries: Britain – France – South Africa – Australia.

Britain – France – South Africa – Australia.