profile-pic-yassir-tibyanarabicQualification: Bachelor of Arts and Education of Arabic and Islamic Studies Department. Graduation Year: 1994. He had a long experience in teaching the Arabic language and its literature for non-Arabic speakers. He teaches Arabic language and literature since over twenty years ago.

Yassir also has a strong experience in their field of expertise. He is also assimilating the Arabic curriculums into classroom activities and in homework exercises. Yassir authored many books and curriculums to teach Arabic to non-Arabic Speakers.


– He contributed to the preparation of “TOT for non-Arabic Speakers”.
– He supervises the work of many Arabic teachers to non-Arabic Speaking students.
– He is improving the performance of those who teach Arabic to non-native speakers.
– He assisted in preparing Arabic language curriculums for children and adults.
– He was the first one to turn the Arabic grammar rules into a play story via “Grammar Kingdom”.
– He was the first one to set up Arabic language camps for students.


– Authored “Grammar Kingdom” Book.
– Authored A Biography of the Prophet for children.
– Authored many short stories for children.
– Authored “The Train of Knowledge” book for children.
– Authored “The Train of Faith” book for children.
– Authored “Facilitating Arabic” to teach Arabic to non-native speakers (in press).
– Authored “Speak Arabic” to teach Arabic to non-native speakers (in press).



He taught Arabic to many students mainly from the following countries:

Indonesia – USA – Britain – Malaysia – Nigeria – Philippines – France – Germany – Netherlands – South Africa – Canada – India – Thailand – Pakistan – Afghanistan – Russia – Turkey – Brazil.